Your eyes are precious, treat them kindly with some time and attention to your blue light exposure. Blue light can mess with your sleep, and speed up blindness.

Shout out @mamy for suggesting this topic!

Some ideas for minimising the strain on your eyes:

  • Enable Night Shift or a similar blue light reduction app on your mobile device. Night Shift pro tip - move the colour temperature slider to warm because the default still allows some blue light.
  • Install f.lux on your computer to gradually fade out blue light as your working day turns to night.
  • Buying a good monitor. 2 things you can check: a) that there is no extra blue light in the LED, and b) that there is no PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which is used as a cheap way to reduce brightness. PWM is the turning on and off of the screen very fast instead of actually reducing the light. This is done because reducing the light shifts color and compensating for that requires more tech in screens.

Got any other tips and tricks for filtering blue light? Let us know!