Why Livepeer? It's decentralised and built on the Ethereum blockchain.

How it works

To use Livepeer, your laptop needs to have Livepeer and OBS installed, and you should go through steps to create a streaming node, and configure OBS to broadcast on Livepeer.

We broadcast on the crypto.livepeer.tv channel, which is also used by other crypto projects.

Getting help

Getting set up to broadcast on Livepeer is a bit more complicated than activating a YouTube live feed. As such, you can get help from the following people whose laptops are set up to broadcast:

Due to the fact that broadcasts need to be scheduled in collaboration with the team at Livepeer (and using a shared tv channel on their hosted node), it's not possible to set up a Livepeer stream at short notice. You should let whoever is helping you with the broadcast know at least a week in advance of your scheduled broadcast date. It's possible your chosen date may not be available on Livepeer's calendar, so you may need to be flexible.

For this reason, Livepeer broadcasts work best for predictable, recurring events.