What are the basics I should be aware of when managing the team's budget?

  • Finance will work with leads to establish and maintain quarterly budgets
  • Team leads are free to rearrange their existing budget differently (e.g. replace a software with another one) as long as it serves the purpose to reach the best outcome to the defined goals
  • The teams get to keep (i.e. roll over) their funds if not everything is used as budgeted in the defined time frame
  • For salary changes, team leads can make a suggestion to Carl/Jarrad, or ping People Ops.
  • If there are any changes in the budget file, leads should inform Finance.
  • For requesting additional budget, please use this form .

Where do I track software subscriptions?

Here. This list is useful for both a cost tracking and access rights perspective. Please keep this list updated as the data in it is used as a source of truth for finance and People Ops purposes.

I want to engage a third party vendor, how?

Reach out to POps/Finance for help in setting up contracting and invoicing with the vendor. Vendor costs should come out of the team budget; otherwise, please make a proposal to Finance

What expenses can I approve and how does that work?

If the expense comes from your budget, it's up to your judgment.

Here are some related policies:

What if a  team member wants to relocate?

In most cases, we can't offer proactive visa support nor sponsorship. Please direct that person to speak to POps.