As you can see from our principles, we are serious about privacy and transparency. We strive to only request useful and required data, and not to hold that data longer than necessary. This is a quick explanation of what data we obtain, how we use that information, and how to update/control that information.


  • You provide: as part of the recruitment/onboarding process we may ask you to provide relevant data such as: name, contact details, bank account or wallet address. We may also request social security or national insurance details where required by law. Depending on your contract with us, you may also provide us details of hours/days worked in order that we can compensate you appropriately.
  • We obtain: assessments of your performance during the trial period and on an ongoing basis (based on peer feedback, and evidence of work), details of periods of leave taken by you, including holiday, sickness absence, family leave and the reasons for the leave. We endeavour to maintain information that is accurate.
  • We store: pay records, including payslips and invoices.

You can request to see a copy of the data we hold on you, please contact People Ops to make an access request.


  • Most of your data is stored in our HR System. Some data (documents, payslips) are stored in a secure Google Drive Folder. Access to the data is tightly controlled to only members of the organisation that have a valid reason to access your information.
  • We will request your permission before releasing your data to any third party.
  • We hold your data whilst you are a core contributor. Upon leaving Status, our policy is to hold your data for a minimum of six years to comply with global statutory HR information retention legislation. We will delete your data after 6 years of you leaving Status. If you have a question about the data we hold, or how we use it, please contact