Staying connected is important in a remote work setting, and even more so as our primary communication method is an evolving work in progress.

People Ops has a duty of care towards contributors, and we want to stay in touch with you and hear your thoughts about how things are going.

We're proposing to have a check-in chat with each contributor at least once in a year, and quarterly for swarm leads (who have additional people-related aspects to their role).

What is a check-in chat?

A ~0.5-1 hour no-agenda chat to ask how you're doing, get your feedback on contributor experience at Status, and provide support on any concerns/questions you might have.

How does it work?

People Ops will reach out to you to get your availability, and will schedule in a 1:1. Format is totally up to you - we're flexible as to whether it's synchronous (video, voice, or text) or async (i.e. sending you some questions for you to answer by text in your own time). Just let us know what works best for you.

Are the discussions confidential?

We want to use your feedback to make Status a better place to work. As such, if there's anything that comes out of the discussion that merits follow-up, we'll share it with Carl/Jarrad or your swarm lead where it would be useful to do that. That said - we want check-in chats to be a safe space where you can feel free to get anything off your chest - if you prefer to talk off the record, just let us know and it will be confidential.

What's the difference between these and 1:1s with my swarm lead?

There may be some overlap as both are aimed at providing you support; generally speaking a 1:1 with your team lead will be more orientated towards your experience as it relates to the work you're contributing and the immediate team environment. A check-in chat with People Ops is more about your experience as a contributor within Status . You might prefer to have those kind of discussions with your team lead, and that's totally ok. We're all here to help, so feel free to lean on us however best works for you.

Are check-in chats optional?

Yep - just let us know if you're not interested.

Doesn't have to be if that's not of interest to you - can also be a coffee break social ☕️

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of the chat?

No. If there's anything in particular you want to discuss, we'll ask you at the start of the call if there's anything on your mind, and we can go from there.

I've got ideas about how to improve this initiative

Great! We're always open to hearing them and iterating. Just let us know :)