• You will help us to host community events, tell our story to the world, help build and moderate our social channels, and play an active part in shaping the communication between our Company and the Ethereum Community.


  • POC for community members while solving all member-related issues
  • Growth region community engagement with Status through various approaches, which could include events, social media, contests, among others
  • Maintain/Interact/Engage with customers through community tools, social media and other channels on a daily basis and reactive towards social trends
  • Establish a strong community in a location via event planning and individual networking efforts
  • Create an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and creativity both internally and externally

Strategy assistance

  • Campaign planning & management
  • Constantly developing & upholding brand voice & tonality
  • Idea generation
  • Competitor analysis, international & local trends
  • Influencer partnerships


  • Source, create, schedule & seed
  • Maintaining brand tone of voice, values and methodology
  • Reporting analysis & insights
  • Collating all available data and using insights & analysis


  • Check brand synergy and the implementation of brand strategy in all social media platforms and project executions.


  • Develop and maintain strict guidelines and standards in social media processes, disciplines and documentation
  • Manage a variety of projects simultaneously
  • Ensure communication between various departments with regards to content and insights
  • Manages and moderates local owned and community channels while stimulating the right conversations
  • Initiate brainstorming sessions and other planning activities
  • Scope new projects, identify brand opportunities and shape creative and production briefs