You have available to you a max conference budget of EUR 2000 - including travel, accommodation and expenses related to attending (food, drinks, etc). You should expect to spend this every year.

This budget is specifically for professional development. You do not need to get approval to make use of it, but should use it for events that will help you to grow professionally, and you should plan on sharing a summary/ give presentation on what you learned through a (non)tech-talk.

Please file your expenses through Expensify and indicate the conference name in the comments box.

Professional development includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Learning a new technology
  • Deepen your knowledge of decentralization, dao, principles and technologies in our ecosystem
  • Expanding your knowledge of technology you already work with
  • Learning about new methodologies and approaches
  • Gaining experience as a speaker, advocate for Status and Web3

If in doubt, ask in the #people-ops channel.