In this exciting new post-Slack world, here's the lowdown on how you can stay connected.

Find people using the Status Direct directory

The directory is here. To get yourself listed, please add your Status contact code to the Personal tab in your BambooHR profile. This info will then automatically sync through to Status Direct.

Demystify anonymous animal names

The three word anonymised profile names in Status are based on a random name deriving from your public key. Disorientated and can't tell your breams from your broncos? Check out (and add yourself to!) this list of core contributors and their anonymous names/ENS usernames.

Get an ENS username

Score a human readable address to help others easily find you. All for a bargainous 10 SNT.

Jump into Status channels

Here's a list of where people are gathering and chatting in Status. Hop on, or spin up your own discussion.

Trial out Discord with us

Request an invite link from Ceri. We're running a trial of Discord in parallel with using Status as our long term messenger. We're not mandating which to use - some people use one or the other, or both. Channels are bridged between various chat clients (some teams use Telegram & Gitter). The bridging will help you keep up with discussions even if you only use one chat client.