How do I prepare my team for the DAO?

  • Think about how your swarm could apply for funding via the DAO as a project. Check out examples from other projects using similar structures, like Aragon's Grant Proposal governance.
  • If you're an engineering/design team, you're likely participating in weekly swarm reviews with the janitors that act as a precursor to making proposals for funding to the DAO.

Where do I start in getting to know my team?

Some ideas that you can try are here.

1:1s - what are they for and should I have them?

See: Running 1:1s

What feedback should I be giving and how often?

As a rule of thumb:

  • Long-form written feedback - twice per year as part of a feedback round
  • Task-based feedback - at the wrap up of each project/task/swarm
  • On the job feedback - a small, in-the-moment bit of feedback (positive or negative) each week to help the other person course correct.

The aim is that the swarm member should, at any given point in time, have a good understanding of your evaluation of their work. If you're not sure you're aligned, use 1:1s as a chance to discuss.

How do feedback rounds work?

See this guide

Do we have appraisals?

No - this isn't necessary. 1:1s act as the regular touchpoint for checking in, and feedback can be shared via other avenues throughout the year.

In what ways can show recognition to team members?

  • Giving kudos using the Meritocracy DApp
  • Sharing positive feedback with People Ops - who'll make a note of it for that person's file (useful for bringing visibility to someone's work and keeping track of achievements over time)
  • Recommending to People Ops for a pay rise or one off SNT bonus. NB: with our current financial constraints these are unlikely for the immediate future.
  • Public recognition, e.g. a shout out in Town Hall swarm updates.

What kind of developmental opportunities can I offer my team?

  • Learning - allocating budget towards things like books, conference attendance
  • Connecting people with new work opportunities e.g. a rotation into other swarms
  • Delegating more tasks
  • Setting stretch projects.