A weird-sounding name for something very valuable

Dogfooding is where an organisation's team members use its products to test for bugs/issues, with the aim that team members find the issues before the community/general public do.

Who can/should dogfood?

Anyone and everyone - every team member has a valuable perspective to offer on the experience of using the app. Chances are, if you struggle with something, so will a potential user just like you - so your input is super helpful as the app is developed.

How much time does this take?

The time involved can be as much or as little as you want to contribute. Using the app for even 5-10 minutes in a week can help surface issues that other users might run into.

Ok, I'm in - tell me how to dogfood :)

Nice! Here's how you can get started:

  • Download the nightly build, which is updated every day to include the latest changes. You can install either the phone or desktop version
  • Once the app is installed, create an account in the app, or log in to your existing account if you were using a previous version of the app
  • From the Profile screen, back up your seed phrase! It's good practice. If you've already done this (i.e. you have an existing account), you won't see this option in the Profile screen
  • You can locate your fellow core contributors here
  • For privacy purposes, any new contact you add will be assigned a pseudonym until they accept your contact request and respond back to you (pseudonym will be something like Linear Scarce Bassethound)
  • Don't be shy if you don't know anyone - we're all here to test the app together, so add anyone you like and start a chat. The idea with dogfooding is to test drive round the app and use the various features, making a note of anything that seems wrong or like it's not functioning correctly
  • You can also join public chats like #status or #ethereum and chat/interact there to get a feel for how the app works
  • Explore! Open DApps, use the browser, etc.
  • If you notice any issues, shake your phone - this should bring up a menu that enables you to report issues directly to the development team.
  • For desktop, you can report issues in #status-desktop.

Requesting Test Tokens

To "practice" sending transactions with fake coins, you can switch to Development Mode under your advanced profile settings. From here you can change networks, from Mainnet to a Testnet. Think of Mainnet as the real deal - in this setting you're using real cryptocurrency, which can be risky if you're simply playing around.

  1. Once in Testnet under Development Mode, go to Network under the advanced Profile options, and choose Ropsten with upstream RPC.
  2. Then, go back to Home > + > Open DApp, and under the Utilities heading, find the Status Test DApp.
  3. You'll need to request test ETH first, as you'll be using that to pay for test tokens (like STT):
  4. Go to the Home screen, open Status Console, and type /faucet. The option "Status Testnet" will come up automatically. Select that, hit send, and you'll be granted some fake ETH in your wallet.
  5. In the Status Test DApp you can then request test tokens by clicking Assets and requesting one of the options from the list.

You're all set to test the payments functionality of the app by sending test tokens to a friend! Happy spending ;) 🙌🏻

Thank you for taking part in dogfooding!

If there's anything missing from, or incorrect in, this guide, please let us know in #status-peopleops. Maybe you need some more instruction/support to find your way around the app - that's totally ok too - just let us know and we'll be happy to give you more guidance. We really appreciate your input! :)