Please join the Slack channel #events to keep up with all upcoming events

  • Status Cryptolife Hackathon: 26 Oct - 28 October, Prague
  • Status All Company Meeting: 29 October, Prague
    • Register here
      • Registration is also sign ups for Core Members to attend the Hackaton and request a DevCon ticket
  • DevCon4: 30 October - 2 November, Prague
    • Slack: #events-devcon4
    • Status is limited to 20 tickets.

Past events

  • ETHIndia: 10 - 12 August, Bangalore
    • Andy & Shawn attended
    • Slack: #events-ethindia
  • ETHBerlin: 7-9 September, Berlin
    • Slack: #events-ethberlin
  • Ethereum Industry Summit, September 8th, 2018, Hong Kong
    • Oskar is attending
    • Slack: #events-ethis
  • Design Meet-up, September 2018, Berlin
    • Happened during ETHBerlin
    • Slack: #design-team-meetups

If you would like to Host a Team Event / Larger Event / Team Gathering:

  • Send an email to with all the details about your event. Details should include the following:
    • Location & target date
    • A list of people who should attend the event [External & Internal guests]
    • Business purpose of event
    • Budget proposal including a cost estimate for travel, meals, hotel, venue, and other expected items.

  • You will be the single point person, who is the Organiser for the event. You will work along side Rajanie/Erin, who will assist with logistics, to ensure a successful event.
  • Your event proposal will then be reviewed by the Finance team [Yessin/Daniel] who will review & approve the list and total expenses, in collaboration with Nabil + Whoever else.
  • Any additional guests can then come on their own dime, or can go through the organiser who then asks Yessin/Daniel for increase of budget.