• Take care of and oversee the group-wide payroll, expenses management, as well as accounts payables
  • Drive business processes to improve efficiency and meet organization goals
  • Complete certain tasks of the people operations function (HR)
  • Support maintenance of the financial accounts and records of the group companies.


  • Implement and control group-wide payroll processes
  • Ensure that salaries and contractors are paid on time
  • Maintain bank accounts
  • Implement expense processes for all employees; approve and manage expenses of the team
  • Oversee all accounts payable activities, including the posting of all expenses and payment activities
  • Contribute to the accounting books and records of the group companies and cost centers
  • Compile financial data and reports in preparation of controlling tasks
  • Prepare tax statements and file them to the tax authorities
  • Provide shared services for the subsidiary, including payment of invoices and managing cash flow for the local bank accounts
  • Coordinate with external service providers, auditors, and tax consultants
  • Contribute to strategic projects and essential tasks
  • Advise team members on payroll matters