Town Hall

Weekly broadcast, similar to an all-hands or all-company meeting. Each team gives a live update, and the event is streamed via Status's Youtube channel to the community. As a non-presenter, you can follow the Town Hall live or simply watch the recording any time on Youtube. Presenters should use the Zoom link in the calendar invite, and will be upgraded to Panellist status once they've joined (this lets them speak rather than just watch). You'll know if you're a presenter because you'll be assigned a slide in the slide deck by email on the Monday/Tuesday before the Town Hall.

All Company Meetup

Annual event where all Status core contributors get together to learn, socialise, and strategise. Check out the livestream recordings (#,#) from 2017's Bangkok meetup for a feel of what you can expect. 2018's meetup will be in Prague (more info on the events page).