Hiring process

Define the hiring need

Ask yourself these questions to set the context:

  • What work needs to get done?
  • What is the impact & importance of that work to Status?
  • Do we need a full time/part time person?
  • Is this work continuous or one-off?

Do we have room in the team budget for this hire?

  • If yes, move forward
  • If no, check in with Finance and Carl/Jarrad to see if we can secure extra funding.

Get started

  • Draft the job description [template here] (what is the role?), and post to Discuss for comments/feedback.
  • Define the hiring criteria (what are we looking for?)
  • Define the hiring process (how will we assess candidates?)
  • Map out the interviews, and any assessments or work samples to be gathered
  • What will each interview assess?
  • What questions will be asked in each interview?
  • What is a good answer for those questions? What are we trying to discover by asking that question?

Attract/identify candidates

Consider how candidates will be identified:

  • Job postings
  • Referrals
  • Sourcing/Headhunting
  • Internal transfers
  • Existing community contributors / bounty hunters

Interview feedback

If you're an interviewer for a role, provide your interview feedback in Greenhouse, including:

  • Hiring recommendation.
  • Note of interview questions asked.
  • One paragraph summary of the interview, justifying the recommendation.
  • [If appropriate] Recommendations for further topics for future interviews to ask.

You may be asked  to give a thumbs up/thumbs down on any hiring criteria applicable to the role - you can leave this blank if you didn't have any observable evidence of that particular item during the call.

Assess candidates

Go through the hiring process:

  • Interviews
  • Code reviews / assessments
  • Make offer

Offer approval

Extending an offer requires 2 approvals:

  1. Initial approval: Hiring Manager/Budget Owner.
  • Recruiter to confirm with Hiring Manager / Budget Owner that they want to hire the candidate and are willing to commit the budget.
  • Recruiter to propose a compensation package (in line with acceptable ranges, and our guideline 85%/15% mix of Salary / Long Term Incentive).

2. Final approval (Carl/Jarrad, depending on role).

  • Confirm the candidate meets the overall Status hiring bar.


New core contributors to be rewarded with:

  • Salary: paid in fiat or crypto on a monthly basis).
  • Long term incentives/bonus: paid in SNT, over a vesting period (typically 3 years).
  • Therefore, total compensation = salary + long term incentives.

For any new hires, our aim is for at least 15% of total compensation to be in Long Term Incentives (i.e. SNT).

Marketing our hiring

At events

Currently we don't use our People Ops budget on relationship building at events as we are not hiring at volume, it is costly, and hard to define a ROI. If we ever did move to that strategy we could likely focus on blockchain events (e.g. ETH global), language specific groups (e.g. Heart of Clojure) and value based communities (e.g. security, privacy).

Sourcing Tools

  • LinkedIn: our current contract doesn’t provide any InMails or Sourcing Options - it’s focused on job posting.

Job boards

By default, all jobs created and published in Greenhouse are also posted to:

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn Limited
  • Angel.co.

In addition, we can have existing subscriptions to post:

  • LinkedIn (Corporate Accounts). We can post up to 2 job slots at once. These are similar postings to LinkedIn limited, but also provides an AI generated list of 50 candidates per role that meet the criteria. Candidates through this service are sent to our job board to apply.

Free sites (passwords are in our password manager):

Paid sites:

Open Positions

External version - live on Status.im