As an organisation, we’re reliant on many groups to help us reach our goals: freelancers, community members, testers, researchers, users, and more. Whilst all these groups make hugely important contributions, we also do need some people who work for us full time/on a contract basis - we call them Core Contributors.

Hiring Core Contributors that align to our values and excel in their field is hugely important to us - and we’d love your help! If you’ve worked with someone amazing, and think they would be a great fit here at Status, not only would we like to know, but we’ll also reward you with $5000 worth of SNT once they’ve successfully completed their first 90 days at Status.

*Note: the referral bonus only applies to hiring core contributors that join us on a full-time / permanent basis: it does NOT apply to hiring part time, or short-term, contributors (i.e. freelancers, etc).

Eligibility criteria

  • Of course, you can’t refer yourself (nice try!) ;)
  • You can only refer candidates that have not applied to us within the last 90 days.
  • Referrals are intended for individuals - we are not responsible for any fees related to resumes received from recruitment agencies.
  • The initial contact between us and your friend must be facilitated by you - if someone is already known to us and/or is mid-hiring process, we wouldn't consider it a fresh referral.

Sorry for the many conditions, we're just trying to be fair and apply some common-sense guidelines, but let us know if you have any better ideas! :)

How to make a referral

You can submit referrals by email to Please include a CV/Resumé and information about the role your contact would like to apply for. The recruiting team will take good care of them, and will keep you posted on their progress through the hiring process.

Thank you for your contribution!