This page has more information on what to do in case you find yourself AFK due to sickness. We hope you feel better soon, and are wishing you a speedy recovery!

What happens if I’m out sick?

  • Tell your team, and any other core contributors you’re currently working with.
  • Cancel any meetings in your calendar, hand over any in-progress work if possible to another team member.
  • Add your time off in BambooHR in the `Time Off` tab, using the time off type `Sick leave`.
  • Mark your AFK on your team’s shared calendar (if you have one)
  • [If you’re taking more than 3 consecutive days off] - ping People Ops . We might need a doctor’s note.

How does sick leave and pay work?

As a general guideline, short term sick leave is fully paid (up to ~six weeks in a year - though there's no prescriptive rule about this). Employees will receive full pay via payroll, and contractors should bill us for their expected amounts (as their contracts are based on output [services provided] not input [hours/days worked]).

Any arrangement around prolonged periods of sick leave (3+ consecutive days) should be made in collaboration with People Ops. There are many factors that are variable, such as your jurisdiction’s laws on sick leave, and the nature of the sickness itself, so we will need to discuss the specifics of your situation with you to find the best possible solution if you’re out for longer. This discussion will also help us make any necessary accommodations to support you in working.

How does confidentiality work?

When you tell someone in People Ops about a health or personal issue, that information will be shared within the People Ops group (this might include Carl/Jarrad). Please let People Ops know if you want any discussion to be kept off the record (i.e. only between you and the People Ops person you're talking with).

People Ops won’t tell other core contributors the specifics of your health issues, and will be happy to help you in communicating your sick leave if you need help doing that (mentioning only that you are out sick, giving no further details).

People Ops will keep a copy of any doctor’s notes you provide, and notes of discussions had with you about sick leave, and will handle that data in accordance with their privacy policy.