Your journey begins with applying to Status. This may be through one of the jobs we have posted, or simply by sending your CV to us at [email protected] We are fortunate to receive thousands of applications, but we'll do our best to get back to you.

If we feel like there's a good match between your skills & experience and what we need to add here, then one of our recruiters will be in touch. In the first initial call our recruitment team will looking to understand your background, skills, interests & motivation for joining Status. If successful, from here you'll start to meet more contributors to Status.

There's no set approach that we have to interviewing - it always depends on you, and the role we're looking to fill.

As well as traditional interviews, there are a variety of ways that we use to get to know you:

Interviews: Interviews are normally conducted over Google Hangouts or Skype, but we also do text-based interviews over messengers as well as more traditional phone interviews. Occasionally, when our worlds collide, we'll also try to meet you in person. Typically, you could expect to meet 3 -5 members of the organisation.

Work samples. If you're a designer: we may ask to complete a design challenge. If you're an engineer: we may ask you to complete one of our bounties, or submit some work on github for review.

Introductory period. If you're interested, we can also offer variety of paid part time or project based work to complete. If this goes, well and it works for you, we could offer to make that full time.

Typically, we use a mix of methods to determine whether we think you should join Status. But we're flexible - if there's a particular method you think would work, please let us know.

If everything goes well (woohoo!), you can expect to receive an offer to work for Status. We'll offer you a salary (in a fix of fiat and crypto) as well as a Contributor Bonus that will be paid in Status Network Tokens (SNT).