A window into my world -

I love this photo because it reminds me of a new start. I took this photo the first day we moved into our new house - previously we were living in London with our 2 small kids and eventually we outgrew the house, and did what people with small kids do - we moved to bigger house.

A bigger house with a bigger garden, and more parks, and less traffic. And the more time I spent in this house, with my family, the more I knew that the traditional model of working - getting up, commuting on a train and spending 50 hours a week in an office with (lovely), commuting home again - wasn't for me. Anyway, within a year of taking this picture I'd accepted a job at Status - and the picture was the start of it all.

Anyway - I'm Jonathan (aka JB). I spent 11+ years helping to grow Google in Europe, and navigate all the challenges that (near) expotential growth brings with it. I joined Status because a) I believe in the decentralized web and it's power to transfer society and b) I believe there's a better way of working than the traditional mode and I want to help bring it about.

I can't wait to work with you.

Here's my user guide:

What qualities do you particularly value in people who work with you?

  • Fairness (belief that opportunity should be equal for all).
  • Humility.

What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?
I’ve been told my default facial expression looks grumpy (especially when I concentrate). I’m actually a very happy person - but it seems my face doesn’t always convey that!

What drives you nuts?

  • Unfairness.
  • Inefficiency.
  • Unnecessary bureaucracy.

What’s your take on learning & development?
I create time for myself to think specifically about my own skillset, the way I approach situations and my career. I’ll block out all other distractions and sit alone and read an article or listen to a podcast. I’ll take some time to digest what I learned, and then try to find an actionable way to implement.

What’s the best way to communicate with you?
Quick message or call.

What’s the best way to convince you to do something?
Show me the data, or show me the plan to gather the data to test whatever you’re proposing.

What are your quirks?

  • I need time awake every day to recharge. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been working until midnight, or been out with friends until late - when I get home, I need to have at least an hour just sat down watching TV, reading a book, or just relaxing before I go to bed. I call it decompression time. I value an hour of decompression more than I value an hour of sleep.
  • I love ticking things off my to-do list. I organise my day/life with the Eisenhower matrix.

How can people earn an extra gold star with you?
Share learnings & experience to help others be great, not just focus on being great yourself.

What are some honest, unfiltered things about you?

  • I have two kids: Freddie (aged 4), and Joseph (aged 2) that are equally amazing and exhausting :-)
  • Because I have two kids, I don’t have much time for my other passions/interests: football, home-automation, politics, lock-picking, amazing food.
  • I’m comfortable speaking to large crowds of people I don’t know. But if I have to walk into a room of strangers and speak with them, I find the first few mins excruciating. As a result, I will do my utmost to learn faces/names and small facts about people before I meet them. It makes me much more comfortable. If you see me in a large crowd of people, and I’m not talking to anyone - I’d appreciate it if you came over and said “hi”.

What’s your favourite sandwich?
Chicken, mozzarella and piquillo peppers on white bread - toasted until the outside is crisp and the mozarella is melted.

Favourite holiday destination?
The Maldives: beer, sun, sand, sea & sharks.