This information applies to core contributors on long term contracts (check with People Ops if you're not sure whether this applies to you). We do occasionally have loan phones/laptops available to all contributors - please ping People Ops if you need one and we'll get one sent across to you post haste :)

We all work remotely and it's paramount that everyone has the tools they need to do their best work. You can set yourself up with new devices as indicated below. Please check in with People Ops ahead of buying devices for reimbursement, as we may already have similar recycled devices in stock.

When you get a new device, make sure to add it as an Asset under your profile in BambooHR, specifying the serial number, make, model, and purchase details.

At the 3 year mark, if your device needs an upgrade, ping People Ops.

The device allowance is on offer to give you essential hardware for your role. It's non-transferrable for other expenses (e.g. a tablet) in case you don't make use of it.

For secondary devices like phones for testing, we'd ask you to look into resellers for cheaper options when buying, if that's practical in your locale and offers a worthwhile cost saving.


Laptops are reimbursable up to a maximum value of EUR 2000 or equivalent local currency. If that's not sufficient for your current role needs, please discuss with People Ops.

We currently have the following loan laptops available.

Phones are reimbursable up to a maximum value of EUR 800 or equivalent local currency, and we'd ask that you only buy a phone if there's a business use for it in your role.
If you're in QA: the team has a variety of phones available, please discuss with Anna which device makes sense for you to have.

Mic headset
You may find yourself getting involved in presenting updates during our Town Halls. If so, please consider checking your mic sound quality in advance with a fellow team member to make sure that it's clear. You might find it useful to buy an inexpensive but functional mic headset. The Sennheiser SC30 comes highly recommended for its noise-cancelling mic.

Safety first! Check out this WIP list of security precautions you can take to secure your devices.

Other Devices
Please get approval from your team lead first, then add a comment in Expensify with details of the approval. Please only request other devices if there is strong business justification for your using them (an example might be a tablet for a designer who needs one to sketch, or a printer for an operations team member that needs to frequently sign and send company documentation).


What if my start date is in the future/I am new?
You can order your things as soon as two weeks before your start date, and no need to wait for your probation period to be over.

What if I leave Status?
Please check out this offboarding guide for your options on recycling or buying back your laptop.

How do I get reimbursed?
When buying gear at an Apple store, you may receive a discount in certain countries if you mention that it is a business purchase while providing the company details of Status (or optionally your company details in case you are working based on a contractor agreement).

Please submit your costs via Expensify, with an invoice including the device serial number. You must add your devices to BambooHR, before the report can be reimbursed (this applies to phones & computers only!)

What can be expensed?

Reimbursable Expenses Devices Non-Reimbursable Expenses Devices
One Laptop is reimbursable up to a maximum value of EUR 2000 or equivalent local currency. Please discuss with People Ops before purchasing Additional chargers, plugs, adapters, cords
Phones are reimbursable up to a maximum value of EUR 800 or equivalent local currency. Please discuss with PeopleOps before purchasing) Printers
One LedgerNano per contributor Monitors
One YubiKey per contributor Computer Keyboard
Computer mice
Personal software subscriptions (unless it's required to do your job) - if you're looking for team-based license subscriptions, please check with finance, as this will come out of your team budget
Computer repairs caused by personal damage

What if I don't have enough funds to buy the device prior to reimbursement?
If cashflow is an issue and you'd prefer not to outlay the cash upfront for your new device, please ping @ceri or @rajanie who'll help you with buying the device.