Like most remote companies, our day-to-day happens mostly on Slack. However the constant flow of information can quickly become a distraction and create so much noise that getting work done might at times feel incredibly hard.

Having Slack on your phone, while handy, can also prevent you from switching off from work when it’s time to chill. Nobody should feel expected to be available 24x7. We all work hard and need proper time to recharge and take care of life.

A couple of tips:

  • Disable notifications from the app, and/or consider removing the mobile app and only use desktop
  • Make sure to set the Do Not Disturb hours that best fit your lifestyle
  • Deactivate sound and bounce effects from desktop notifications
  • Mute channels that aren’t critical to your work
  • If you need to focus on something, snooze notifications, and/or log off entirely
  • Check this guide - includes many more tweaks that can help you minimize distractions, improve the UI, and tame the Slack monster
  • You might also want to try out the Freedom app, to close off distractions from all your devices,