We’re sorry that you’re leaving Status and wish you the best of luck in your next endeavours - thanks for everything you brought to Status during the time we had together!

Please see the following list of offboarding logistics:

  • Erase your laptop hard drive - these instructions show you how to do this for Mac OS.

  • Devices - Please first make sure that all devices are reflected in the Asset tab of BambooHR for record-keeping purposes, and that that factory settings have been restored. You have the following options for your devices:

    • Buying back - please use this link to obtain a trade-in value for your devices, and let People Ops know so they can deduct this amount from your final payment.
    • Passing on to another contributor - your device could still be used by someone else in the team. You can check with your team or ask in #watercooler if anyone would be interested in receiving it.
    • Recycling - please use this link, or a local equivalent, and wire the proceeds once received (please ping @ceri or @jason for the bank details).
  • Holiday - [CH/DE employees only] - you are entitled to be paid out for any accrued but not taken holidays. People Ops will calculate the payout amount and pay this out to you with your final pay.

  • Access to organisation-wide tools (Slack, Google, etc.) - your access will be revoked by 5pm UTC on your final day. If you need longer to wrap up or say goodbyes, that’s totally fine - please let People Ops know for how long you’ll need access.

  • Passwords - please clear your password vault of any passwords relating to tools/software licenses belonging to Status.

  • Tools - if you have access to any tools/software specific to your role, please liaise with your fellow team members to close out your access and transfer any in-progress work.

  • Work in progress - please share any ongoing work/files with your team members. You should transfer ownership of any critical Google documents so that these don’t get deleted when your Google account is closed.

  • Expenses - please submit your final expense report as soon as possible via Expensify, including all receipts (we’ll need these for our accounting processes).

  • Final pay - [contractors only] - please submit your final invoice before the 20th of your final month (or as soon as possible if you’re leaving after the 20th of the month) to billing@status.im. You should include the amount of your final expense report as a line item in the invoice, as your fees and expenses will be paid out together.

  • Announcing your departure - we’d like to be transparent with all core contributors when someone is leaving Status. Please post a goodbye message in #general, or let People Ops know if you’d prefer that they post a general departure message on your behalf (this won’t share any personal details, but will confirm that you are leaving Status, along with your final working day). You may also want to ping your fellow team members directly to let them know about your departure, so that they can make arrangements with you about transfer of work.

  • Final working day - please agree a final working day with People Ops. Generally, this should align with the notice period mentioned in your services agreement or contract. If you are an employee, you can choose to take any accrued holiday as time off during your notice period. If you have any concerns about being able to wrap up your work in progress during the notice period available, please let People Ops know, who’ll be happy to help you.

  • Notice of departure - if you resigned from Status, please send an email as formal notice of your decision to people-ops@status.im, confirming your final working day.

  • Letter of reference - we’ll be happy to provide a letter of reference confirming your tenure with Status. Should you ever need a reference letter, please email people-ops@status.im at any time, and we’ll get a letter to you within 1-2 working days.

Exit interviews

We aim to hold exit interviews with every departing team member. The exit interview is a chance for you to reflect on your time at Status, and share your feedback on your experience. The feedback we collect from these interviews will be used to make improvements to Status.

We’ll share your feedback with any other team members we think may benefit from hearing your reflections. If you’d prefer the conversation be confidential, that’s totally ok - just let us know what you’re comfortable with being shared further.

Here are the types of questions we’ll ask you during your exit interview. Feel free to prepare notes in advance, or send us your feedback asynchronously if you’d prefer. Exit interviews can be conducted by voice/video/text.

  • How do you feel about your departure from Status?
  • How well do you think Status is achieving its objective of decentralisation as an organisation?
  • How did you feel about our product?
  • Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider returning to Status?
  • Do you think Status adequately recognised your contributions? If not, how do you think recognition could be improved?
  • Were there any guidelines or policies that make your job here difficult? How can we make our policies clearer or less burdensome?
  • How did your job activities evolve since you were hired at Status?
  • Did you feel you had the tools, resources and working conditions to be successful in your role? If not, which areas could be improved and how?
  • Do you feel you had the necessary training to be successful in your role? If not, how could it have been better?
  • What was the best part of your job here?
  • What can the organisation improve on?
  • Do you have any suggestions for increasing team member happiness?
  • Do you have any concerns about Status you’d like to share?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Please pick a convenient time for an exit interview with Stef or Ceri. Please feel free to invite anyone else you’d like to attend. We may also invite your recruiter if you have a relationship with them from your onboarding.

Rehire policy

We don’t have a rehire policy - we’re open to working with our contributors again, and we’d consider each situation on an individual basis.

As Status developes capabilities for permissionless participation, our role as a gatekeeper to contribution will fall away, and anyone (former core contributor or not) will be free to contribute to Status as bounties are posted.

We hope to see you again in the community or ecosystem!


Please ping anyone in the People Ops team.