First of all.... Congratulations! We’re really happy for the new addition(s) to your family!

We want you to take the time off you need and not to worry about the financial part of the equation. As soon as you’re comfortable sharing the news, please ping someone in People Ops to chat about your plans.

In general, we expect that you will:

  • Let the people you work with know as timely as possible that you will be out for a while.
  • Book your parental leave in the `Time Off` section in BambooHR
  • Hand over the projects you’re running and leave clear written documentation of who will be responsible for what in your absence.

Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave regulations differ widely between country and regions, and we’ll be happy to accommodate what’s common in your location where we can, so please feel free to start a discussion with us on what would work well for you in terms of structure and length for your parental leave.

Given the remote nature of work, we’ve also found that for many new parents a ‘soft’ return after their parental leave period (i.e.working a few hours during the day for an initial adaptation period) seems to work well. If you’d like to have a gradual return in this way, that’s totally fine, please be sure to factor that into your handover notes and planning so your teammates are aware of your reduced availability when you return to work.

You also don’t need to take your leave all off in one go, but can break it up as you need to.

If you require additional time off due to complications or illness during pregnancy, that can be taken in addition to your scheduled parental leave (we may ask you to provide a doctor's note, depending on the length of the period of illness).