First of all.... Congratulations! We’re really happy for the new addition(s) to your family!

Next steps

As soon as you’re comfortable sharing the news, please ping to chat about your plans. Please give as much notice as you can (as a rule of thumb - at least equivalent to the amount of leave you'll be taking, e.g. if you want to take four weeks' leave, let us know four weeks in advance).

Parental leave regulations differ widely between country and regions, so please start a discussion with us on what would work well for you in terms of structure and length for your parental leave, and whether you would like to take the period as paid or unpaid.

We'll review each request on a case by case basis (involving your swarm/team lead) and will reach an agreement with you that will be based on:

  • Your preferences
  • What's appropriate (depending on whether you're an employee or contractor - employees generally are eligible for legally mandated parental leave periods, whereas contractors are not)
  • Your current time off balance
  • Your team's workload
  • Your tenure at Status
  • Your role in the team (if you’re leading a swarm or team, there may need to be additional planning around how your leave will impact the team’s work, and potentially finding a replacement contributor to cover for you while you’re out).

We'll do our best to accommodate you, but it may not always be possible owing to the multiple factors mentioned above.

We're open to hearing your ideas about the type of flexibility you might need, e.g. breaking up your parental leave into two blocks.

Getting prepared for leave

  • Let the people you work with know as timely as possible about your AFK, and how that impacts what you work on together.
  • Make a note of any other team absences during your proposed leave period, and think about how you can mitigate disruption to the team's work.
  • Identify and agree on one or more people who will take over your responsibilities for you. Each of your roles should be mapped clearly to a covering contributor (e.g. swarm roles, leadership roles).
  • Book your parental leave in the Time Off section in BambooHR.
  • Hand over the projects you’re running and leave clear written documentation of who will be responsible for what in your absence.
  • Make sure that everyone who needs to be informed knows about the plan you’ve put in place.

Tracking time off in BambooHR

  • For paid parental leave - please use the category Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • For unpaid parental leave - please use Unpaid Leave

If your total period of leave is split between paid and unpaid, please break up the two time periods accordingly when tracking your leave.

Returning to work

Given the remote nature of work, we’ve also found that for many new parents a soft return after their parental leave period (i.e.working a few hours during the day for an initial adaptation period) seems to work well. If you’d like to have a gradual return in this way, that’s totally fine, please be sure to factor that into your handover notes and planning so your teammates are aware of your reduced availability when you return to work.

Illness during parental leave

If you require additional time off due to complications or illness during pregnancy, that can be taken in addition to your scheduled parental leave (we may ask you to provide a doctor's note, depending on the length of the period of illness).

SNT distributions

For contractors:

Your SNT distributions will be paused if you take a prolonged period of leave (more than three months - i.e. a quarter). In this case, you will forfeit any SNT distributions that occur during your period of leave.

For parental leave periods of less than three months, you will still receive your quarterly SNT distributions as normal, even if the next distribution date falls during the period of time that you're AFK.

For employees:

Payment of your contracted SNT distributions will be determined based on applicable local legislation.

Access to tools/accounts

In general, we will keep your access to Google and other centralised accounts open during your leave.