• Work with some of the most passionate & dedicated minds in the Ethereum space.  
  • We'll reward you with a base salary.
  • We ask that you're willing to be paid in a combination of fiat and cryptocurrency.
  • We'll also reward you with SNT (Status Network Tokens) to give you a real stake in the success of the organisation.
  • A generous budget to choose whatever phone and laptop you prefer.
  • We regularly attend relevant conferences and team meet-ups, and twice per year the whole organisation gets together to connect.
  • We provide a small allowance for a co-working space, or to work from a café occasionally.
  • We operate an open vacation policy, meaning there are no hard limits or strict rules around how much holiday you take and how you schedule it.
  • We want our contributors to be healthy and take the time they need to relax and enjoy quality disconnected time away from work.

Note: We don't offer traditional benefits like medical/dental insurance - we'd rather pay you well and give you the freedom to select your own benefits, on your terms.