• Ideation and launch of innovative features of the Wallet product  through hands-on collaboration in cross-functional teams that include developers, designers, user researchers, analysts, experts, and marketeers
  • Developing and creating project plans, resource plans, risk identification, risk mitigation, timelines; and partnering with business and technology partners to increase productivity and opportunities for our work to benefit the adoption of blockchain technology.


  • Overall owner (champion and advocate) of the Hardware Wallet, collaborating with engineering and design teams on product delivery and realization
  • Product development: Prototype and test new features / products that capitalize on market opportunities as well as define go-to-market strategy for minimum viable products in partnership with marketing and business development
  • Manage and maintain excellent working relationships with development teams
  • Focus on collaboration, brainstorming and communication in a humble posture of learning
  • Effectively communicate and manage from concept to execution
  • Generated detailed user flows, confirm full understanding of requirements, agree deliverables and critical milestones and dependencies
  • Collaborate with Marketing and BD to identify user profiles, help develop product strategy and go-to market
  • Develop a rolling 12 month roadmap with a prioritized backlog of critical user journeys.