There are lots of ways you can help grow Status (interviewing, helping out with events, engaging with the community, etc.), but referring outstanding people is one of the most direct ways you can make an impact.

While referrals do have a much higher pass-through rate than regular applications, there may be a chance that your referral won’t be hired after being submitted. This might happen due to:

Timing: Their qualifications don't match roles currently available.
Matching: They don't meet all of the minimum requirements listed for the role.
Competition: There was someone else who was more qualified.
Demand: The the role was reduced or closed.
Referrals who are eventually hired are typically considered for multiple roles over a period of time prior to an offer being extended.
Referral Bonus
The referral bonus will be paid out after the candidate has been with Status as a core contributor for 3 months. After the 3 month period is over, you will be paid a SNT Referral Bonus to the value of $5000.

Referral Checklist
We want you to tell us about people who do incredible work and you’d want on your team. Not sure where to start? Here are the basics of successful referrals.

Step 1: Only refer the best people you have worked with
While you should definitely share people whose work you can speak to and are impressed by (i.e. the top 25% of people you’ve worked with), don’t feel pressured to refer everyone who asks. If you feel uncomfortable saying no (we get it, it can be awkward), then you can mention it in the notes in the referral form.

Reminder: diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences leads to better products. When you refer talent from underrepresented groups, particularly into technical positions, you’re doing your part to make sure we have a diverse workforce across all functions and levels.

Step 2: Submit them through the Referral Form
When you create a referral, you only need to share your referral’s contact information and why you think they’d be great for Status. The team reads the notes when reviewing referrals, so this can really help your candidate stand out among other qualified candidates.

Step 3: Support them through the process
Staffing will guide your candidates through the process, but you can provide a critical layer of support to your referral. You can make a big difference by doing one of the following:

Helping them prep for interviews or inclusion activities.
Answering questions about working at Status and your experiences.
If they get an offer, helping us convince them to accept their offer!