When to use this guide

From time to time, you might need to request additional funds to get work done.

As a general principle we ask teams to anticipate their spending as part of the monthly budgeting exercise (this is so that teams can be self-sufficient and make their own decisions about spending without having to check each individual expense with Finance).

This guide is about how to request funding when:

  • The team budget has been exceeded and additional funds are required; or
  • Unanticipated/new expenses arise; or
  • Approval is needed on a time-sensitive basis, that can't wait for regular team budget reviews.

This applies to all mechanisms of receiving funding, including:

  • Putting an expense on the company credit card (more info here)
  • Getting crypto (SNT/ETH) paid out to your wallet.
  • Putting a non-routine expense on your personal card and having it reimbursed via Expensify.

Example request email to Finance

Not sure what to mention when requesting funding? Here's a template email to use (delete non applicable info as needed):

To: Johannes, jason
CC: people-ops@status.im, team lead

Subject: Funding request - [name of service/cost item]

  • Payment mechanism - company credit card / crypto transfer / Expensify reimbursement
  • Request type - cost increase / new expense
  • Reason -  [why we want to spend the money]
  • Cost - $XX
  • Cost type - monthly recurring / one-off / annual recurring
  • Use case - [what the tool/service/funding will be used for]
  • User contact -  [name]
  • Billing admin - [name]
  • Contract terms - describe any key contracting terms to be aware of in the case of subscriptions [insert link to terms & conditions]

[Attach screenshot of pricing, or links to any other info that will help Finance review the request]