1. Swarm performance

    1. Continuous improvement (holding retrospectives etc.)

    2. Setting, prioritising, tracking and accountability for milestones, team roadmap and deliverables.

    3. Make sure there are clear goals for the swarm

    4. Responsible for improving the quality and output of the swarm

    5. Coordination of team's efforts

  2. Resourcing

    1. Engaging people necessary to successfully achieve the goals of the swarm

    2. Lateral leadership and influencing across Status

    3. Managing headcount

    4. Identifying hiring needs

    5. Hiring (see Hiring Guide)

      1. Once you've identified a hiring need, work with PeopleOps to determine the type of hire that you need (the candidate profile, full/part time, salary estimate, etc)
  3. Finance

    1. Compensation

      1. We try to balance giving leads ownership of compensation matters with also having an overall fair and equitable distribution of salaries across Status as a whole.

      2. As a Lead, you'll be involved in compensation discussions at certain points:

        1. Upon hiring a new contributor.

        2. During any regular cycle of compensation review we hold (expected once per year).

      3. If you believe an  ad-hoc compensation adjustment is required (i..e increased salary, one-off bonus) you'll need to bring it up with Carl/Jarrad who serve as the maintainers over the overall distribution.

      4. For smaller bonuses, and rewards, use the Kudos dapp to reward your team.

    2. Budgeting

      1. Finance will provide you with a team budget to manage, and set up a monthly budget call to review progress.
    3. Approving expense requests within the team budget

  4. People development

    1. Giving feedback (both informally on the job, and working with People Ops to hold feedback rounds)

    2. Create clear process and expectations for swarm members.

    3. Mentorship to the team

    4. Supporting onboarding, helping new joiners find their feet

    5. Recognition (kudos etc.)

  5. Being a figurehead

    1. Comms (giving Town Hall updates at least monthly, posting to Discuss, updating Wrike/Pivotal weekly)

    2. Managing and communicating lifecycle of a swarm properly.

    3. Being in an interface to the rest of the world.


  1. Wrike, Pivotal tracker and/or GitHub: Used for milestones/tracking/roadmap

  2. Team lead guide (this page)

  3. Greenhouse: hiring

  4. Kudos DApp: recognition

  5. People Ops policies: useful to be aware of these for team member requests, e.g. travel

  6. BambooHR: team availability calendar

  7. Feedback rounds: template for setting up bi-annual feedback gathering

  8. Team budget: leads can use their budget allocation to e.g. approve conference attendance requests, or give pay increases.