We report taxes and social security via monthly payroll for all employees (CH, DE & UK):

  • In CH and DE, these taxes are paid directly by Status to the respective governments
  • In the UK, employees pay across their own income tax by direct debit to HMRC (with Status paying across the monthly National Insurance bill and paying out the salaries net of this amount).


Contractors are responsible for all reporting and payment obligations in respect of taxes and social security due in their own countries of residence.

We'll ask contractors periodically (most likely annually) to confirm (by signature in BambooHR) that they've verified their tax position and don't require additional support to be compliant.

End of year statements

We're only able to provide year end statements in countries where we have a payroll.

  • Switzerland - Lohnausweis (Salary Certificate) - is issued in January/February by post (from our vendor, HMT)
  • Germany - Lohnsteuerbescheinigung (Employment Tax Statement) - is issued in December along with the December payslip, by post (from our vendor Lohnstar)
  • UK - P60 - issued in April-May by email (from The Friendly Accountants).

Sorry, but as Status (the entity) is not a US taxpayer, we can't issue 1099s to US-based contributors.

If you'd like us to write you a confirmation on letterhead of amounts paid across to you, we'd be happy to do that if it's helpful for your company records.