How do I measure my team’s performance?

As with most of these topics, you’re the expert at what works well for the team, so feel free to implement whatever you see that fits.

Some general concepts:

  • Make performance goals measurable, objective and transparent
  • Be sure that everyone in the team understands what the team is working towards, their role in that, and how the work is being measured. It helps to revisit expectations often for clarity and motivation.

How do I set the right goals for the team?

As above - this is your choice. Some general ideas:

  • Ask yourself about every project the team embarks on - how does this help Status achieve its goals/fulfil the whitepaper?
  • Verify that the work has gone through the proper swarm review process prior to starting
  • Pick a frequency that makes sense with the working rhythm of the team, e.g. operations teams tend to have longer timeframe projects that fit well into quarters, engineering teams may have shorter sprint cycles
  • Wondering about stretch goals, what they are and whether to apply them? Read more about how a team’s recent successes and resources should factor into your decision making.

What is a retrospective/post-mortem and how does it work?

  • See: Status guide to post-mortems and learning from our mistakes
  • Retrospectives can be used to look back on a project, iteration, or quarter and reflect on what went well/what didn’t. It’s a good idea to hold retrospectives at least every quarter. Check out this GitLab guide for inspiration.