• Has expertise in communicating complicated technology / coding topics in clear, concise ways using multiple formats
  • Build our documentation, educational content (e.g. philosophy of decentralization, cryptoeconomics etc.), how-to video scripts, tutorial content (e.g. step by step products like DReddit or DTwitter) for Status Studio working closely with developers and Subject Matter Experts to present our content
  • Developer with prior coding experience, capable of expressing themselves eloquently, concisely and simply so that others can understand.


  • Create a streamlined process for educational content creation, including technical documentation, code screen share video scripts, how-to video scripts, tutorial content
  • Work closely with our developers, external Subject Matter Experts, and product teams to gain an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of installing, setting up Status Studio as well as an understanding of the education content within Studio e.g. Cryptoeconomics, Ethereum, Solidity, building and deploying a DApp on Status Studio etc.
  • Translate information into clearly written documentation that efficiently and accurately communicates processes, concepts, ideas, and instructions Iterate efficiently and effectively with Subject Matter Experts, developers and product teams on all content
  • Collaborate with videographer on team as needed to provide all video scripts needed
  • Create and maintain general documentation standards e.g. readme, installation, vs. tutorial best practices etc.