What's confidential and who knows what?

  • Salary info is available to leads, People Ops, Finance and Carl/Jarrad

  • Performance discussions happen between leads, People Ops and Carl/Jarrad

  • Leads only have access to performance and salary information about their own teams (not all teams)

  • People Ops will loop in leads on discussions involving people in their team when it makes sense to do so and if the topic is relevant, e.g. if someone is taking extended leave which impacts the team.

What happens if I no longer want to be a lead?

That's totally fine. Some things to consider:

  • There may need to be a transition out period to allow for a replacement lead to be found/handovers

  • If you have a replacement in mind already, that can help speed up the process; even better if you've been training/preparing them for the role

  • If you're leading a swarm, your leadership role may have a foreseeable end date already as it's not a long-standing team formation

  • You'll likely have had access to sensitive info about contributors during your time as a lead, and we'd ask you to continue to keep that info confidential

  • Have a think about what next you want to work on and start a discussion with Carl/Jarrad on your next project to get the ball rolling.

Taking AFK / arranging cover

  • How to book leave & our AFK policy

  • If you're out longer than 2-3 weeks, you should arrange caretaker coverage of your lead role and a handover plan so that your time off doesn't create any blockers for the team in delivering.

Remote leadership