When subscribing to services or paying external vendors & contractors, please make sure that the invoices they provide are fully complete. This page has more information on what we'll need.

Here's a sample of how your invoice should look, as well as all the applicable data points. If any data is missing from your invoice, we won't be able to pay it, and will ask you to arrange a revision with the vendor.

Supplier Information

  • Supplier Name (*);
  • Supplier Address (*);
  • Supplier’s tax registration number (if applicable);
  • Supplier’s telephone number, contact person and email address (optional);
  • Payment information (optional).

Status Information

  • Status legal entity and invoicing address (*).

Content Information

  • The word INVOICE or CREDIT NOTE or DEBIT NOTE (*);
  • Invoice/note number (must be unique) (*);
  • Invoice/note date (dd/mm/yyyy) (*);
  • Due date (dd/mm/yyyy) (*);
  • Payment terms (optional);
  • Currency (*);
  • Specification of goods and/or services delivered (*);
  • Total net amount (if no taxes are applicable) (*).

If taxes are applicable

  • Tax amount (*);
  • If multiple taxes are applicable, the tax rate for every net amount should be specified (*);
  • Total payable amount (*).

* Mandatory fields.

Status Switzerland

Status Research & Development GmbH

Baarerstrasse 10,

6302 Zug,


MWST-Nr: CHE-319.159.934 MWST

Status Singapore

Status Holdings Pte. Ltd.

160 Robinson Road, #24-09,

068914, Singapore

UEN: 201625575Z

Status Germany

Status Research & Development Deutschland GmbH

Am Zirkus 2,

10117 Berlin,


USt-IdNr: DE317300297

Without this information, we run into issues with properly booking the expense for accounting purposes, which can create hours of work to resolve on the backend. So thanks in advance for helping us out on this 🙌🏻