Make sure to be a minimum of 20 days (+ your local/cultural bank holidays) away from our project every year to relax, disconnect, enjoy time with your loved ones, breath fresh air, and anything that's important to you.  We expect (and encourage) you to disconnect as much as you like on top of this, and you don't need to 'ask' for permission. Just make sure to coordinate appropriately with your team and to delegate any piece of work that needs to progress in your absence. You can use this handover template for temporary/short leave.

Public holidays

We encourage you to book off your local public holidays; or the ones that are close to your heart and beliefs; or the ones in the location you happen to be at that moment. We don’t have a schedule nor a preference, and we don’t have Status-wide days off.

There is no need to log time off unless it's a full day or longer. Non-linear workdays are absolutely fine; as well as traditional schedules. For your own good, keep your hours in check, make sure you get proper time away from screens and turn notifications off your phone when you are offline.


Your contractor agreement is based on the services you provide and does not mandate the time or location where the works are to take place. You are free to choose your own working patterns, provided that your services are completed timely and to the agreed quality standard.

Monthly and project rate contractors can invoice us for their agreed amounts also in months where they take time off (our contracts are based on output [services provided] not input [hours/days worked]).

Contractors working at limited capacity (e.g. capped hours per week, ongoing support, etc) might have different agreements in this respect. In doubt, please contact people-ops.


Your employment agreements contain a statutory, specified number of holiday days per year. We’ve included them for compliance reasons, but above that - please consider yourself as having the same freedom as the rest of the team.

Just be extra sure to log your time off in Bamboo, as we need that information to run payroll correctly; and we might need to prove to local authorities you complied with the statutory minimums.

Who's around?

For the time being (early 2021) we still ask you to log AFK dates in Bamboo. We’re evaluating other tools and options, and expect to change this sooner rather than later.

  • For employees - for the reasons above.
  • For the projects and products -  keeping an overview gives important information on who's around when, availability and helps scheduling launches, handoffs, etc.

Bamboo unfortunately doesn't allow to add an entry directly, and insists that all dates entered are 'approved' by People Ops 🤦🏻‍♀️ - please be assured that that's a workflow we can't amend in the system, and that requests are approved by default.

Deleting entries in Bamboo

If you change plans, and want to cancel or amend an entry, you can follow these instructions. If the entry is in the past, it can only be deleted by People Ops, so please ping one of the team and we'll be happy to help (sorry for the inconvenience!).