We offer everyone a flexible vacation policy with no set minimum or maximum of days, provided that your work gets done. We recommend that everyone takes a minimum of 25 days off per year to relax, disconnect, and spend quality time AFK. You can take more.

Public holidays

We do not follow any country’s public holiday schedule, nor do we have organisation-wide holidays (we want to be as flexible and inclusive as possible). We encourage you to book off your local public holidays, but the decision on whether to work on public holidays is up to you.

Our contributors are scattered around the globe, so most team members won't be aware of your local public holidays, so please mark them in BambooHR as you would any other vacation.

Half days

Any appointments or errands less than half a day don't warrant a time off entry in BambooHR.

To avoid stress and burnout, we really encourage you to take time off throughout the year, guilt-free. We're in this for the long haul and everyone's health comes first. If you're struggling with your workload or feeling under pressure, reach out to someone in People Ops for a chat.


Your contractor agreement is based on the services you provide and does not mandate the time or location where the works are to take place. You are free to choose your own working patterns, provided that your services are completed timely.

Monthly/project rate contractors can bill us for their agreed amounts also in months where they take time off (as their contracts are based on output [services provided] not input [hours/days worked]).

There is no paid vacation/afk for hourly rate contractors (who bill us based on hours worked).

Germany &  Switzerland employees

Your employment agreements contain a specified number of holiday days per year. We’ve included a specific number of holiday days for compliance reasons (as there are legal minimums), but please informally consider yourself as having an open (unlimited) vacation policy. You’re welcome to take more days off than what’s reflected in your contract.

You may carry over a certain number of holiday days each year if you don’t use up your minimum amount (subject to your contract conditions).

Tracking time off

We ask all contributors (both employees and contractors) to share their AFK dates in BambooHR:

For DE/CH employees - this is so that we can use the information for payroll, and for carrying forward unused vacation.

For everyone - this gives your team members important information on your availability and helps scheduling holidays accordingly. You can see who is in and who is out on https://statusim.bamboohr.com/calendar .

BambooHR unfortunately doesn't allow a user to add their vacation directly, and insists that all dates entered are 'approved' by People Ops - please be assured that that's a workflow we can't amend in the system, and of course we'll be happy to 'approve' your vacation requests once received (the dates you take are completely up to you and are not being scrutinised in any way by People Ops).

Deleting time off requests in BambooHR

If you need to cancel or amend a time off request in BambooHR, please follow these instructions. If the time off entry is in the past, it can only be deleted by People Ops, so please ping one of the team and they'll be happy to help you (sorry for the inconvenience!)


We do not offer overtime pay for monthly/annually paid contributors - all your work is priced into the fee/salary agreed with you.