Streamed bi-weekly on Status's Youtube channel, the Town Hall is similar to an all-hands or all-company meeting, with each swarm giving a live update to our community.

  • Catching up async? Watch the recording any time later on YouTube.

  • CCs should use the Zoom link in the calendar invite, and will be upgraded to Panelist status once they've joined (this lets you speak rather than just watch). Rajanie will assign presenters by tagging you in the slide deck on the Friday before the Town Hall.

  • You're also free to present anything and everything you like (swarm updates, demos) - just let Rajanie know in #townhall-logistics if you want to get involved.

  • We'll turn off the live stream at the end of the Town Hall so CCs can chat amongst themselves off air.

Check Discord channel #townhall-logistics for updates.

Attendance is not mandatory, you're free to watch live, catch a replay, or not at all. That said, the Town Hall is a good place to understand what's happening across Status, so we do recommend you try to watch them.