Status will reimburse you for the costs you'll incur being away from home. Please submit your travel expenses through Expensify.

We currently reimburse expenses together with payroll, so try to submit your reports by the 20th of each month. If you miss that date, you will have to wait until the next pay cycle.

Please speak with your team lead and make sure there is agreement on the value of the event you're planning to attend. Expenses incurred will come out of team budgets. All budgets are already set for teams.

Getting there

Within Europe, traveling by train or bus is sometimes more convenient, so keep that in mind as an option when you're looking at routes.

For flights, make sure you book as timely as possible (rates can go up a lot when booking less than three weeks before travel). For bigger Status events, you'll typically be given a flight budget - it's ok to book whatever flight you can get within that budget. Typically that would be an economy class fare - we don't offer automatic upgrades for longer distances traveled (to be fair to all contributors and to be as resourceful as possible with Status funds).

Flight budget guidelines:
- Flights in Europe 200 USD/EUR or below.
- International Flights within Europe 200 - 500 USD / EUR (Flights within the US) or below.
- International not within Europe 500 - 1000 EUR or below.

You can expense in-flight Wi-Fi, if used to work.

Status will not cover private travel expenses, such as:

  • In-flight purchases for personal use, your shopping at destination, etc.
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Airline ticket change fees (unless in case of an emergency - please contact your lead or People Ops)
  • Airline club memberships
  • International mobile plans. We will not also cover roaming charges, so if you will be using your phone a lot, please speak with Rajanie/Jason/Ceri about needing a a mobile sim.
  • If in doubt - ask your people lead or ping someone in People Ops before incurring the cost.


You can expect to stay in a 3-4 ★ hotel when you travel for work. If you are travelling for a meetup with your Status colleagues, you could rent an Airbnb. This can be an effective way to save money and spend some quality time together while getting projects done.

Ground Transportation
You should pick the most affordable mode of transportation available, taking into consideration both time and cost. Ride-sharing options (such as Lyft or Uber) make sense in many metropolitan areas, but public transport is also a great option in many European destinations. Check what's available before leaving, and choose sensibly.


Uber, Lyft and other country-specific equivalents are generally cheaper than taxi services, so we encourage you to choose the lowest fare on one of these when traveling to and from the airport, and whenever possible to share the ride with your coworkers. If you do so, note their names in Expensify.


You can use your own car to drive to the conference/meetup location. In this case you can expense the gas costs.

We generally discourage the use of Rental Cars, unless strictly necessary, so if you're thinking on renting a car, check with someone in People Ops first.


At Offsites, all meals and drinks will be organized and paid for centrally, so you should not incur other expenses.

At Meetups / Conferences / Business Trips:

You are okay to spend up to $75 per day (trip average) for meals. If the location allows it, aim to stay lower than that.

If you are dining out with colleagues, you can submit just one bill - please add their names in the comment section of the expense.