If you are required to travel for Status, please use TravelPerk for all your travel needs. You can book your airline travel, hotel, and more.

Set up your account

Please make sure you have set up your account with the following information:

  • Name is the same in your passport [IMPORTANT]
  • Passport / ID card
  • Birthday
  • Add your Credit card information
  • Update your profile currency to what your salary is paid in.

Please feel free to add all loyality rewards numbers and any other additional information.

If you are traveling with another contribitor, you can add them to your itinary when booking.

Note if you are traveling with family or a partner, they will not be able to use TravelPerk for their flight bookings.

How to book:

First start by creating a trip:

Give your trip a name: ex ‘Status Offsite in xx’ & add your name as the traveler:

Next, you can start booking your flights or train & hotel
** If you want to book an AirBNB, please see how to use the Concierge feature below

Don’t have time to book or need additional help in a city you are not familiar with, try booking with the Concierge feature. Follow the steps listed and you will receive an email shortly with a suggested travel itiniary.