Being location independent means you could decide to move away from the location where we first hired you, and that's okay. Status can provide you with confirmation of employment/engagement letters if you need them in the process of emigrating abroad.

However, as we aren't asking you to move anywhere in order to work, we're not able to cover the costs associated with visa/work permit processing, nor relocation.

If you're switching to a local employment contract that results in additional employer tax costs to Status (i.e CH/DE) - we will offer you an adjusted (decreased) base salary calculated to keep the cost impact for Status neutral.

Please get in touch with People Ops if you're thinking about relocating, to start a discussion. In addition to cost considerations, we are sometimes limited in the number of local employment contracts we can offer to foreign nationals.

In case of relocation due to business reasons (i.e. we really, really need you to, and you agree to it), we will take care of all the process and costs involved.

Company details

If you're asked to indicate details of your employment/occupation on a visa application, please use the Status entity address as per your employment contract or consulting agreement.

Please only refer to Status as your employer if you are formally employed by the DE/CH entity, otherwise you should indicate that you are self-employed or providing services as a freelance contractor, as appropriate.

In case you need to indicate a company representative on your application, feel free to contact People Ops for details.