When a new team member joins (either a new hire or someone joining from another team), they will need your support to get started. This is a general outline of what should happen - feel free to adapt it to your needs and what works for you both.

Before they start

  • Reach out to say hi, schedule a time to chat on their first day and ask if there is anything they have questions about (you'll get a BambooHR ping notifying you of the forthcoming start date).

First 1:1

Try to have a 1:1 within the first week, and set up a regular cadence for these discussions going forwards.

  • Give a brief overview of how the team/swarms fit into the broader  Status organization, and what the team’s priorities/objectives are.
  • Explain how the team works (processes, tools that they should be aware of, team hangout days and times, Wrike, etc)
  • Explain what other swarms/contributors they can expect to be collaborating with and what key people they should get to know.
  • Show them where the team communicates and which channels are useful to monitor.
  • Ask how they prefer to communicate for 1:1s - text, voice, video? Try to take it into consideration as you keep working together.
  • Explain your role as a lead and what support you’ll be providing.
  • Ask if there are any issues, concerns (particularly if the new team member is not a new joiner and transferred from another swarm, if may be helpful to get an understanding of what went well and what didn’t for them in their last swarm)
  • Set timelines for the next conversation, but still let them know they can and should reach out when they have questions.
  • Explain what you expect to see from them. What should they work on? If they can choose their own problems - how, when and based on what will they be evaluated?
  • Explain the trial process (if a new joiner).
  • Explain progression expectations - what do you expect to see in 1/3/6 months?