What is a feedback round?

A team getting together to share feedback on one another, facilitated by People Ops.

The goal is to surface recognition and insights on developmental areas.

How does it work?

  • We use a standard format (Google form) when collecting feedback, with one question: What should the swarm member Start, Stop, and Continue?
  • [Optional] We’ll include a reference to responsibilities for each person in the swarm, so that feedback can be given that’s relevant to the role.
    • If you want to use another format, or want to reference other responsibilities, we’re flexible - please ping Ceri/Rajanie.
  • Each swarm member asks their chosen feedback givers (anyone in the swarm plus anyone else they work with and want to hear from) to fill out the feedback form.
  • The feedback link can be posted publicly on Discuss if you’d like to open up feedback for proactive input from across Status.
  • Ceri/Rajanie will collect the feedback and will share it back to you.
  • The swarm lead should then schedule a call for the swarm to reflect and discuss takeaways (not the feedback itself, but people are free to share that if they want to).
  • You can always ping Ceri/Rajanie if there is feedback you received or want to give that you want to discuss 1:1.


All members of a swarm.


Day 0: Team/swarm lead initiates feedback round by reaching out to People Ops
Day 1-2: Swarm members send role descriptions to People Ops
Day 3-4: People Ops makes a plan and tailors the feedback form for the swarm
Day 4: Swarm members review the feedback round plan, let People Ops know if any other requirements
Day 5: People Ops notifies swarm members to complete feedback forms (giving feedback on everyone else in the swarm). Swarm members are also free to request feedback from people outside the swarm. Everyone has two weeks to write feedback
Day 19: People Ops collates feedback and shares with each participant
Day 20: Debrief call to reflect on feedback received.

    End to end timeline - 4 weeks.

How often?

No prescriptive schedule, but we recommend holding them at least twice a year. It’s also helpful to schedule in a follow-up 4-6 weeks after a feedback round to check in on how any development areas are going.