It’s hard to get to know everyone straight away. Here are some helpful ways to connect with your fellow Status folk:

  • Ask your lead about the important people relevant to your work and make sure to connect with them in your first couple of weeks.
  • Ask your buddy about their experience so far: how do they describe Status and our structure?
  • Use the Workplace Directory here.
  • Check out the org chart in BambooHR. Bear in mind that we are a flat
    organisation, but BambooHR asks us to nominate team leads for each individual. In reality, we expect each team member to work autonomously and independently, without supervision from a team lead.
  • Feel free to ping anyone at Status to say hey and have a chat - we're an open bunch and enjoy getting to know our new fellow core contributors. Some team members may reach out to you to introduce themselves, too.

Who to ask for Help

  • For People and Finance related questions, you can see who does what on our team page.
  • For access privileges and invites for software, please ping in #status-peopleops.
  • For questions on the work you'll be doing, please ping your team lead or fellow team members (you can find their name(s) in BambooHR). What you work on will ultimately be decided you, but they should be able to steer you in your first few weeks so you can get started.