Take the time you need in your first weeks to browse resources, chat to colleagues, and do the background reading that allows you to feel comfortable with the organisation and context. It's a lot to take in, but a worthwhile investment!

A good place to start - set up instant messaging


Request an invite link from @terry if you aren't there yet.

Now what?

There's no prescriptive recipe for success on your first day, but the following 7 steps should get you feeling right at home in no time:

  1. Take a look through the action items assigned to you in BambooHR, these will help you get familiarised and get access to essential tools.
  2. Ping in #general or #people-ops and say drop us an introduction - we're always excited when new people start. Bonus points for fun facts about yourself.
  3. Chat with your team lead. They'll probably already have set some time to introduce you to what you will be working on and your team. Ask them about other folks that you should get to know in your first days.
  4. Find your team, drop by their channel, and see what work is scoped out for you in your first few weeks.
  5. Have a read through resources like this site, Discuss, Docs, and Our Status, to get a feel for the latest happenings and key info.
  6. ...and if you have any questions, ping people-ops. They're more than happy to help you navigate through the chaos and welcome you with a virtual coffee!

Congrats - that's day 1 done! Relax, kick back, and we'll see you again tomorrow 🙌🏻